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Increased Support & Healing: 

  • Always With You Children's Book.
  • Support Cards Deck 1.
  • Support Cards Deck 2.
  • Thank You Cards.
  • Grief Schedule (Daily Actions, Affirmations, and Reminders).

AND Everything Included In The Starter Kit:

  • You Deserve A Sweet Retreat Sticker.
  • Bag of Sweets.
  • Fun Pair of Socks With A Note of Comfort.
  • Hugging You With All My Love Sticker.
  • Instrument of Inspiration Pen
  • Roadmap To Joy Journal. 
  • 365 Days of Prompts Written And Designed By A Therapist Who Has Lost His Own Child, And Wife In His Life.
  • Mental Timeout Game Booklet
  • Always With You Key Chain.
  • You Are My Sunshine Magnet.

With our carefully designed care packages, you can now give strength, support, and love. 

The Journey To Joy:

First, your friend will start with a sweet message found on a sticker that tells them "You deserve a sweet retreat". That sticker is accompanied by a bag of sweets.

This is a clinically proven way to bring just enough joy and acceptance for your friend to be willing to move forward with strength through their self-healing process. 

Then we ease your friend into receiving support and love through a fun pair of socks that comes with a note that tells your friend "I wish I could give you a hug of comfort whenever you are in need. I hope that these socks can do the job for me." Along with a sticker that says "Hugging you with all my love". 

After we've loved on your friend through the fun light-hearted socks, they are able to pick up the pen that is thoughtfully labeled as their "Instrument of Inspiration", and the journal labeled as their "Roadmap To Joy", and help them begin the self-healing journey of understanding their own grief, emotions, and feelings. With 365 self-healing journal prompts written and designed by a Therapist who has lost his own child and wife in his life.

Then after completing day 1 of the journal prompts your friend can find an emotional break with the Game Booklet that is included. 

Then your friend will be able to read a simple children's book guiding them through the promise left to us by those who have passed on. 

To keep this promise near, your friend will be able to place the Angel Keychain that is labeled "Always With You" on their keys to keep their loved one's memory alive.

Because the loss of a loved one is not a singular event like a funeral, the support needed is constant. In order to help your friend feel this love continually, they will receive 2 decks of support cards that they in turn will give to their friends or family.

These support cards will guide their friends and family to call or text them often throughout the next year of grief. Creating an amazing support system that your friend so desperately needs.

Along with this outside support, your friend will receive some internal support through their own "Daily Fuel" grief schedule. Used to combat the fog that their grief will inevitably put their mind into. 

This thoughtful grief schedule will guide your friend through building daily strength and little wins each day. "Brush Your Teeth", "Get Out of Bed", and "Tell A Friend A Joke" may seem simple but become major accomplishments they will be able to feel good about accomplishing. 

And lastly, your friend will be able to place the "You Are My Sunshine" magnet on their fridge so they will always have a little sunshine in their days of grief.


Give more than the default. Give strength. Give Support. Give Love. 

    The Gift

    Of A Life-TIme

    When words aren't enough, you can give your friend the Journey To Joy to help guide them through their grief.

    The Gift Of

    Traumatic events can be paralyzing, yet there are tried and proven techniques to help one progress through their own grief.

    Giving Sunshine boxes are built off of 15 years of healing therapuetic experience. It's time to see your loved ones heal.

    Give Strength. Give Support. Give Love.

    Designed With
    You In Mind

    Give the care package that accurately represent how much you care.



    I'm so grateful for the Sunshine Team and their efforts so I could be there for my brother in such a beautiful way.

    Bristol, VA

    I was the receiver and really felt loved, seen and appreciated. Thank you! I plan to pay it forward

    Salt Lake City, UT

    My sister started Chemotherapy, and this box of cancer support & sunshine made her day.

    Los Angeles, CA

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