Guide your friend through their grief in days Without overwhelming them.

Why are so many widows, widowers, and families smiling and laughing so quickly after having a funeral? It's because of the simple and easy grief guidance they received from an amazing gift box that was perfected by a licensed Therapist, Widower, and Father.

Imagine the impact you could have on someone else's life for giving the most thoughtful gift basket on the market that allows them to instantly build support, easily process their grief, and start living life to the fullest again... instead of defaulting to flowers like everyone else.

Best part: All of the explaining and healing happens naturally and effortlessly without overwhelming your friend... guaranteed!

Even BEFORE the gift box is opened it is designed to give your friend complete control so they can heal at their own appropriate pace.

Here's The Secret:

Grief comes in stages that is all consuming, while the closest your friend will get to asking for help is during...


Finding appropriate help is overwhelming, and by the time there is any progress made they will be consumed in grief again.

That's why processing grief takes so much time and why Jason Clawson designed the best sympathy gift box available.

After going through the grief proccess from losing his own wife, he wanted a way to guide other's through their grief during the fleeting moments of strength.

Here's The Kicker:

Jason has been a therapist for the last 15 years, and has worked with hundreds of patients healing them.

It was only a matter of time before Jason would use his life experiences of losing his wife & child, and combine them with his experience of being a therapist to create a sympathy gift box that was actually...


Real Life Results:

Jason could have continued healing his patients one on one but he wanted to prove to the world how simple processing grief for the average person could be.

From the wife who lost her husband, to the pair of parents who have lost a child, or even when some young kids lose a parent or grandparent, there has always been a visible improvement, and understanding of their grief.

Listen To What Actual grievers have said about Jason Clawsons Sympathy Gift Box.


These are not extraordinary, prepared, or coached people. Each and every person had no prior skills to handling grief and zero coping mechanisms to begin with.

Yet every single time someone struggling with grief goes through this sympathy gift box they learn to process their grief.

So what does all of this have to do with you? Everything.

If Jason has designed the best sympathy gift box on the market, just imagine what it could do for an every day person like your friend who is struggling after the loss of a loved one.

If this is the ONLY thing you do to help save them from being consumed by their grief then you will have at least given them their life back.

That's why it was so important for me to work with Jason and fund him to make a sympathy gift basket that actually treats grief... and I'm sure you'll agree it was worth the cost.

In this sympathy gift basket it will show your friend:

  • How to confront their emotions effortlessly. (It's so easy Jason has even used the same technique to teach young children how to confront their emotions!)
  • How to accept the support around them and continue living life again. (This lesson is given in a loving and heartwarming manner that almost always brings tears of comfort.)
  • How to find easy wins in their day, build themselves back up, and still include their lost loved one into their life. (A more hands on guidance is required to fight the fog of grief that comes after loss. This is made possible through a powerful grief schedule.)
  • How to build instant support around them for the difficult times ahead. (Accomplished in a simple and proven way to invite 2 close friends into their life.)
  • And... how to smile and laugh again in life.(All the benefits of healing after loss.)

What's more, is that YOU will be the one to thank for providing the guidance on how to heal through their grief. Or you know... you could just send the default of flowers to them like everyone else.

Either way the cost for this sympathy gift basket is 25% off and only $130 $97.50 for our End of Summer sale.

GIVE COMFORT - RISK FREE If you are not confident in the comfort you gave to your friend through this carefully designed sympathy gift box then Jason will personally give you your money back... no questions asked.

All you have to do is email with your order number and request for your money back.

Jason cares that much about helping others! (He's also confident in the comfort that will be given.)

Oh! And Jason's caring didn't stop there. He's including an all inclusive checklist called "Immediate Next Steps" that cost him years of headaches and thousands of dollars of mistakes and problems.

This checklist will walk your friend through all the tasks, common pitfalls, and hidden problems that get easily over-looked when grieving a loved one.

He's including this checklist for FREE because he says nobody should have to face the headaches and problems he has ran into even years after his wife had passed away. (Example: Remove your loved one's name from all utility accounts, but not your credit cards!)

There are companies that charge close to a thousand dollars to offer the same advice and services that the "Immediate Next Steps" checklist helps solve.

But Jason is in this to help other's and not take advantage of someone's grief.

Now, if you're serious about helping out your friend who is grieving then you're going to love this!

In addition to the Immediate Next Steps checklist and Jason's Give Comfort Guarantee, if you purchase by Fri, Aug 12 Jason has given permission to throw in his $750 8-week grief workshop for FREE to help your friend for years to come.

This workshop helps with all of the unexpected surges of grief that likes to pop up without notice.

Just A Few Of The Things It covers:

  • How to prepare for anniversaries and birthday's
  • How to honor your loved one, and celebrate their life.
  • How to face yourself, your guilt, and others.
  • How to identify the grief stage you are in, and best practices to survive them.
  • And... That's just the first week!

Now enough about all the amazing comfort and help you will be giving to your friend, let's talk about you for a second.

Because we love those who go above and beyond with helping their friends we want to treat you in a very special way as well.

First, we're going to send to you a digital children's book that is not for sale anywhere!

The only way for someone to gain access to this exclusive children's book is by sending a gift box to a friend in need.

Second, we are going to send YOU a FREE deck of our comfort cards which will help other's in your life to smile in the easiest way possible. As a big thank you for helping us help others.

We can't say it enough, so we'll say it one more time. Thank you for caring about your friend who is currently struggling, we appreciate it.

Warmest Regards,

~ Wyatt Ernst

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An all inclusive checklist called "Immediate Next Steps" that other companies like to charge over $300 to access.

In addition to the Immediate Next Steps checklist and Jason's crazy guarantee, if you purchase in time (date stated above) Jason has given permission to throw in his $750 8-week grief workshop for FREE to help your friend for years to come.

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